BAOIA Membership

The registered members have access to following

1.    Voting rights

a.    To nominate and select the Executive Committee of the BAOIA.

b.    To select various working group heads.

2.    Subsidized ASM

3.    Subsidized webinars and CPD activities throughout the year : Work in Progress: We hope to deliver at least one this year

4.    Access to online webinars and pod-casts: Work in progress

5.    Physical and mental well-being of members. Phone a friend service for members in difficulty/ distress with a call back in 24 hours ( Link to BASS document).

6.    Opportunity to network with colleagues nationally and internationally.

7.    Opportunity in get involved in Charitable work in remote parts of India through networking: (work in progress)

This will be also updated on the website in due course.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email these through the link below.

Link to BAOIA members / Delegates / BAOIO suggestions and comments form

These will be discussed in Board meetings and an update will be sent to all members.


Please apply for membership using the link below.

Click for BACS Payment details


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